Saturday, May 28, 2011

Piers Morgan bans `irritating` Madonna from talk show

Piers Morgan has banned Madonna, Heather Mills McCartney and Hugh Grant from his talk show because they are “irritating”.

“I’ve got a very specific type,” he said, describing the type of people he bans to US talk show host Jay Leno. “They have to be very irritating, my list at the moment is Madonna and Heather Mills McCartney. I mean, these are very irritating people aren’t they? I’m not making this up.”

But you just banned Hugh Grant, he’s a charming, lovely man,” said Leno.

“No, no. Irritating,” said Morgan. “He just is insufferable.'

The former News of The World editor went on to describe his joy at 'bumping' celebrities down the list to be aired on his TV programme, Piers Morgan Tonight.

“We bumped Simon Cowell, which pleased me enormously, can you imagine how he took that? We bumped him twice. We bumped Colin Firth four times,” he boasted.

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