Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paris Hilton Enters Jay Leno's Show On a Pink Motorbike

Paris Hilton entered Jay Leno's talk show on a pink and white motorbike wearing skin-tight white trousers, stilettos and a leather jacket.

The 30-year-old socialite later changed into a revealing little black dress while she touted her new reality show The World According to Paris.

“Nothing is off limits,” she said.

“So the cameras follow you everywhere?” asked Leno. “So, you’re in the bathtub going ‘hi guys’.'

“There is a little bath scene in there,” said the actress with a wry smile.

The Simple Life star also admitted to having a nightclub built into her house so she can party in seclusion.

“We don’t have TMZ waiting outside, it’s just private and nice,” said Hilton, who says her home-discothèque accommodates more than 200 people.

“I’ve had Hugh Hefner and the girls in there on the strip pole,” she said. “He loves my house parties.”

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