Friday, May 20, 2011

Maria Shriver used her cheating maid as a shoulder to cry on, say US reports.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's cheated wife Maria Shriver 'sought comfort from the very woman he was cheating with,' say US reports.

Reports claim that the mother of Arnie's secret love child – the family's maid Mildred 'Patty' Baena, 50, actually served as a shoulder to cry on when Maria was upset.
'Patty would always tell us how Maria would always cry to her about Arnold's affairs,' Baena's former daughter-in-law Nora Vella told US media.

'She said she would try and comfort Maria and tell her that this is who Arnold has always been and that it's just who he is and she should accept it,' added Vella, 29.

Vella also claimed that although Baena allegedly lied about the boy's father on his birth certificate it was clear that Arnie, 63, was the real daddy.

'Everyone thought the boy was Arnold's kid,' she said.

'He has gapped teeth and the jaw and no one else in the family has blonde hair,' she claimed.

Vella also said that despite Baena's consistent denial of any affair with the former Governor it was evident that there was something going on.

'She would act giddy, like a little girl when people said his name,' she told US media.

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