Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Man kills sister, blames it on Spiritual Forces

The police in Lagos have arrested a man, Ndifreke Michael-Thompson, for allegedly killing his younger sister, Lovette, on April 19, 2011.

The 24 year-old driver has confessed to the crime but added that he was driven to commit the dastardly act by metaphysical forces.

Ndifreke said,”I arrived home from a naming ceremony at 2pm and saw my sister sleeping. I went in to change my clothes and was about to go out when I saw her still sleeping.
“The next thing I remember was that I went to the cupboard to pick up a plank and hit my sister twice on the head. Immediately I realised what I had done, I ran away from the house.”

Ndifreke, who said he took a bottle of beer before killing his sister, insisted that his action had spiritual undertone and had nothing to do with the bottle of beer he took.

“Why would I kill my sister? She has been living with me for almost six years and we never fought. She was even the one that prepared my breakfast that very day,” he added.

In a bid to exonerate himself, Ndifreke narrated how four other members of his nuclear family died under mysterious circumstances.

“My father was one of the richest men in our village, Ikot Ibom Edem, Akwa Ibom. He was killed by envious people and ever since, three of my siblings have died mysteriously. In fact, my elder brother was pregnant when he died,” he added.

He also said that his mother conspired with evil people to bewitch him.

Ndifreke, who is a prominent chorister at his church, Apostolic Faith Church, Anthony, Lagos, said even his pastor and most of the members of the congregation were aware of his spiritual problems.

Commenting on the issue, the Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Samuel Jinadu, said, “The incident occurred at 7, Ajose Street, Maryland. His sister was rushed to a nearby hospital where she gave up the ghost. He will be prosecuted in due course.”

PUNCH METRO gathered that Ndifreke was arrested when he went to the hospital to check on his sister. Apparently, neighbours had reported to the police that the victim was last seen with him.

“It was my other sister, Augusta, who lives with us, that rushed her to Ikeja General Hospital and told me to come there. I was already in police custody when they told me that she died,” he added.

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