Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Unveils a New Tattoo

Watch out, Kat Von D, Justin Bieber may be giving you a run for your money. While on vacation in Hawaii over the weekend, Justin showed off a new tattoo. Placed on the side of his abdomen, the tattoo reads, “Yeshua”, which is Hebrew for Jesus.

No one is sure when Bieber got the tattoo, but last year, he got one of a seagull on his hip to match his father’s. Because nothing screams “badass” more than a tattoo of Jesus and a seagull.

Bieber got the bird tattoo in Toronto at Son of a Gun Tattoo, where his father got inked. Co-owner Brian Byrne said, “He laid there and sucked it up, his dad took a bunch of pictures and video and everybody talked to him. He's a very nice kid."

Justin was 16 at the time of the tattoo, but apparently got parental consent.

Bieber was in Hawaii with Selena Gomez, who he is kind of officially, sort of totally dating. I’m guessing they need to keep the relationship unofficial because one of the symptoms of Bieber fever is a strong inclination to attack Selena Gomez.

I’m pretty sure when he kissed her at the Billboard awards, about a million twelve year old girls stabbed their Selena Gomez voodoo dolls before going into a deep depression. Not in Naija i Guess!

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