Friday, May 6, 2011

How Paris Hilton Has Transformed- Maturity

Say what you will about Paris Hilton, but the woman has played the game, and she's played it well.

In her latest reality show on Oxygen, The World According to Paris, we're guessing you're not going to see the same "that's hot" Paris you saw in her Simply Life days.
On the contrary, Paris seems to have recently turned a leaf, becoming a polite, well-spoken entrepreneurial woman. She takes part in charitable events. She's dating a nice guy who seems like a real adult--not someone who's working on being in the spotlight.

And when recently asked about her supposed rival, Kim Kardashian, Paris said she has no beef with Kim and only wishes her only the best.

Don't get me wrong, there's still a reason to watch the show, and there's definitely still drama. It's just centered on someone else: Brooke Mueller, for instance.

Paris reeled in viewers in her younger days with controversy, becoming a character people were obsessed with watching. And now that the public knows her history, they're interested in seeing what happens next for Paris.

But some celebs aren't so impressed. Lindsay Lohan reportedly told friends, "[Paris] is mean. You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people's lives to be funny."

Lohan was responding to a video clip from Paris' new reality show, in which Paris gives a homeless woman her earrings ... and the woman mistakes Paris for Lindsay.

Paris tells the woman, "If I were Lindsay, I would be stealing earrings ... not giving them away."

Mean, maybe, but sometimes a good joke is worth it! Alaba boys should look into pirating making Paris Hilton's "The World Accord to Paris" am very sure it will sell. Nna, remember who gave you the wonderful tip, once you make the

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