Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Donald Trump Still Not Done Pretending to Run for President

If you thought Donald Trump was done threatening to run for President, you obviously don’t know Donald Trump.

After Sunday night’s Celebrity Apprentice finale, I guess Trump realized he has nothing else to do, so he called into “Fox & Friends”. He expressed his disappointment with the current Republican nominees, saying that none of them can beat President Obama.

When asked why he made the decision not to run after weeks of pretending like he was going to, Trump said there were just too many sacrifices. Namely, not being able to say “you’re fired” without it having to go through Congress first.

“It was just a decision that I made, but who knows, stranger things have happened.”

I think the fact that even he acknowledges this whole thing as strange should get him denied as it is. Co-host Brian Kilmead clarified, “So you’re [saying]…you would not rule out a late entry if nothing pans out for the [Republicans]?”

“I would not rule it out, no, I would not rule it out.”

This is good news. Because it means we can expect more jokes at his expense. I wouldn’t even be disappointed if Obama gave up his career as President to mock Donald Trump full-time.

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