Thursday, May 26, 2011

Divorce Could Cost Arnold Schwarzenegger $200 Million

After 25 years of marriage, and a secret love child, Arnold and Maria Shriver are set to divorce and the split could cost him about $200 million.

Their assets are estimated to be between $200 and $400 million, and while they have a prenuptial agreement, because of the length of the marriage, it could be voided. Instead they would then have to split their net worth, as per Californian law.

Maria hasn’t filed for divorce yet, but she’s hired Laura Wasser, one of the most high profile divorce lawyers in L.A. Can she figure out how to ship him out of California too? We're embarrassed to have him.

Arnold’s maid/mistress Patty has gone into hiding since the scandal broke, presumably for her own safety. It’s obvious she’s the one leaking private photos and info to the press, but other than that, she’s been completely MIA.

Maria on the other hand has put on a brave face and has been seen a few different times with her kids. She even went on stage for Oprah’s last show. Brave woman!

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