Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Brother Amplified Now Has Two Houses

There were no evictions this Sunday but housemates have been separated into two groups with each group having a house of its own. IK had a bag that contained 15 gloves and asked each housemate to pick one glove and that is how the two groups came about.

One group had fifteen housemates and the other had eleven housemates. The first fifteen were allowed back to the house and these went to the main house. The only change for them is the colleagues who did not come back to the house.

The fifteen who are back to the main Big Brother house are Michael, Sharon O, Felicia, Lomwe, Vina, Wendall,  Hanni, Zeus, Weza, Vimbai, Confidence, Millicent, Danny, Jossy and Bernadina.

Sharon O and Michael are already enjoying the new arrangement because they still can see each other.

Another House
The remaining eleven were sent to the new house and these are Peo, Nkuli, Mumba, Karen, Nic, Bhoke, Ernest, Kim, Luclay, Alex and Lotus. This was a pleasant surprise for this group as it was a new experience all together. 

Housemates will start nominating each other this week so you need to start voting.

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