Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Brother Amplified: The Housemates in full swing

By Robyn Trapido

Big Brother Amplified, Season 6 in the continuing Big Brother Africa saga on DStv, is well into its first day.

The house is in full swing and the noise level is, as promised, very “Amplified”!

Big Brother has certainly dished up some fantastic contestants.

Although it is very early days and we don’t yet know who’s who in the zoo, it has the potential to be explosive.

The housemates seem to be a mix of strong characters and easy going, chilled people.

There are two contestants from each of the 14 countries, except for Mozambique and Angola, which only have one each.

There are more girls than guys which should make for some interesting interactions. The girls, for the most part, look pretty feisty while the guys look quite laid back.

They seem like an interesting bunch with careers in the arts as well as business and appear to be very intelligent and talented for the most part - which should make the
tasks enjoyable.

I don’t have my favorites to love or hate just yet but as we get to know them better that will change dramatically.

I never sit on the fence.

If I had to give them advice at this stage of the game I would tell them to take it slow and be careful who you align with because that is a crucial part of the game.

They should also not be too outspoken or in your face as yet as that tends to piss people off and makes you a target for nomination.

We will learn more about each housemate in the Diary Room where they can be themselves away from the game and I think that is where the viewers can really get to know them better.

I am so happy to have Big Brother back and am excited that for the next 3 months I will be able to watch all the twists and turns - and the tricks from BB - which keep us spellbound each season.

I have watched every BB and never found one yet that bored me.

I look forward to sharing this season’s one with you all!

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