Friday, April 8, 2011

Parents of an 18-months-old baby diagnosed with cancer thesame week.

Just a week ago Elisa Bond had a full head of flowing brown hair. But when it started to fall out following her treatment for stage four breast cancer she made the brave decision to shave it off.This is just one example of how determined the 36-year-old is to fight the disease that doctors say could kill her within five years.
Together with her husband Nathan, who was also diagnosed with terminal cancer a week before his wife, the couple, from Brooklyn, New York, are now battling to survive against the odds for the sake of their 18-month-old daughter Sadie.

But despite the gloomy outlook they remain optimistic.'We are determined to get through this,' Mrs Bond told MSNBC's Today Programme. 'If you envision our circumstance, don't envision the cancer.'Envision the healing; envision us playing with Sadie when she's five, when she's 10; arguing about the keys to the car when she's 16. That's what we ask.'Mrs Bond has had two bouts of chemotherapy treatment and admitted the first week had been 'terrible'.

'Really sick, lost a lot of weight, just in bed. Since then it's gotten progressively better,' she said. 'I think your body finds a new normal. There is a lot of fatigue.'On Valentine’s Day this year Mr Bond, a 38-year-old painter, was told he had stage three colorectal cancer. Doctors gave him a 60 per cent chance of living longer than five years.As they were still recovering from the shocking news, the results came back from tests on a lump on Mrs Bond's breast.

They showed is was cancerous and had spread throughout the aspiring actress's body.Mrs Bond's disease is so advanced it is considered incurable, and doctors gave her just a 16 per cent chance of living beyond five years.'That made me angry,' said Mr Bond. 'I don't ask really why we have cancer but I was angry at my tumour that it was going to get in the way of taking care of her.'

Mrs Bond said before the diagnosis the couple had had 'no complaints'. 'We were in a good place,' she said before joking 'Well, I wanted to lose 20 pounds but that was the worst of it.'Now she has been forced to quit her job as a real estate agent while Mr Bond is on leave from his to attend the daily appointments for tests and check-ups.But the couple, who married in June 2005, have also been overwhelmed with the love and support from friends, family and countless strangers around the world.

With mounting medical bills their friends have created a website for donations and Elisa is blogging about her experience.'It's inspiring to us the outpouring of love from everybody else and for some reason we are inspiring other people as well - all we have done is get cancer,' said Mr Bond.'I think we'll take away not so much when we are well - which we will be - is not the illness but the outpouring of love from perfect strangers literally all over the world,' He added.'That's what we're going to tell Sadie about when she asked about our cancer later on.'

'It is so strange to me that something so horrible could bring about so many blessings,' Mrs Bond added. Writing on her blog Mrs Bond said: 'We never imagined one of us having cancer. We never imagined both of us having cancer. We never imagined both of us having cancer at the same time. 'We never imagined our family and friends rallying to our side with one goal in mind, a happy ending.'She then went into the grizzly details of her first week of chemotherapy where she was afraid to be 'more than two feet from a bathroom at all times' and her anticipated second bout of treatment on March 31.

Mr Bond had his fourth session of chemotherapy at the end of last month.

The website their friends and family have set up had at the last count raised $25,000 to help cover expenses not paid for by their insurance company.Thousands of strangers have sent in messages of support which have buoyed them up during dark days.The couple also revealed on the Today show that they have already put plans for Sadie's welfare into place in the event their treatment is not successful so they could get 'on with the business of healing'.

'I think if you spend time worrying about what's happening today you're going to miss out on what's actually going on during the day or worrying about tomorrow,' said Mr Bond.'For us, it's about trying to enjoy every moment we have together.'

'It's not a done deal. I mean, we have a lot of time,' Mrs Bond added. 'We have the best medical resources available to us and we have a lot of love,''I think love gets you through - not just the love we have for each other but for our daughter and all of our family and friends. If you operate on the love, you get to enjoy every second of every day.'

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