Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana: Royal Wedding Similarities and Differences

Millions of people watched Kate Middleton become Princess Catherine today, but another woman was getting just as much attention. The spirit of Princess Diana echoed through Westminster Abbey today as Kate and Will exchanged vows.

As William watched Kate walk down the aisle he nervously chewed on his lip, a habit he inherited from his mother Diana.

Catherine was noticeably nervous, but she was so polished, the entire wedding went off without a hitch. Princess Diana on the other hand accidentally reversed the order of Charles's names. It seemed like an honest mistake, but became a mini scandal at the time.

Catherine’s English lace Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress was relatively simple compared to the grand Elizabeth Emanuel one Diana wore. Diana’s 25-foot train made headlines on its own while Kate’s was more modest.

The grandeur of Diana’s dress made Kate’s look so simple and modest. But Kate looked so beautiful in her Grace Kelly-esque dress; there was no denying her beauty. It was an elegant, modern take on the Grace Kelly dress.

Diana wore a very thick veil to her wedding, while Kate wore a sheer shorter veil.

Another major difference between Diana and Kate is their relationship with their princes. Diana and Prince Charles had been seeing each other for six months before he proposed. Not long after his extramarital affair with Camilla became public.

Kate and Will on the other hand have been together for nearly a decade. They first met while studying art history together in their first year at St. Andrew’s University, Fife in 2001. They started out as friends but the relationship eventually led to them flat-sharing before they started dating around Christmas time in 2003.

Will and Kate briefly split back in 2007 but reconciled shortly after. Two years later he put a ring on it. And boy was it a ring! He proposed to Kate with his late mother’s 18-carat Sapphire engagement ring

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