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Gist: Mercy Johnson and others In Alleged Ritual Scandal

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Over the years, rituals have become synonymous with movie scripts, where front-line actors like Kanayo Onyekwerre Kanayo, Ejike Asiegbu and others play the lead role. But not anymore: those movies hold no secret, as the movies have metamorphosed into real life stories.

According to the grapevine, some Nollywood star actresses  now fully indulge in the practice, basically for prosperity. A pointer is the fact that many a sudden, painful death in the movie industry are, at times, linked to rituals.

In spite of the ugly and heart-wrenching story associated with this fetish practice, some artistes still take to the fast-track for power, fame and money .

If recent stories making  the rounds are anything to go by, the trio of Oge Okoye, lni Edo and Mercy Johnson, who are popular Nollywood stars may be heading towards that path.

According to squealers,not quite long ago,Mercy Johnson allegedly gave a herbal concoction to the other two (lni Edo and Oge Okoye), saying it would help them shed weight, probably to keep them fit and sexy. It was further gathered that after taking the concoction given to them by their colleague, the duo, who had accepted the ‘slimming portion’ had sad stories to tell, as it nearly forced them out of the industry.

Such allegations have been said to trail the Kogi -born actress. Last year, it was alleged that she snatched one Obi, a businessman who resides around Omole, Lagos from his wife. More intriguing is the fact that she never denies any of the allegations, whenever they are broached by the press, always preferring to dismiss them with a wave of the hand.

In her opinion, scandals are bound to come, as far as you are a star, “one thing I would just urge you is that whatever you hear about me, please call me to confirm”, she was once quoted to have said.

I this case, all efforts made to get across to Mercy proved abortive, as her phone was not available. On  Oge’s part, she could  only speak through her personal assistant  who said she (Oge) was “in a meeting” but promised to get her to respond .

Ini Edo was also unavailable, as she was said  to have travelled outside the country at the time of writing this story.
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