Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bellview Airlines Makes a Fresh Come Back as 'First Nation Airways'

There have been clear indications that the management of defunct Bellview Airlines is trying to breathe new life into the airline. The airline would be renamed ‘First Nation Airways’ and operate a fleet of A320 aircraft.
First Nation Airways, which has been certified by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to begin operations next month said it is prepared to offer seamless in-flight services with some of the best equipment, just as it sees great opportunity in the sector.

The airline had already taken delivery of three A320 aircraft, with six more to be delivered before the end of next month. It is the first airline to operate that brand of aircraft 'locally'.

The development could afford Airbus the opportunity to make more inroads into the nation’s travel market. Boeing, the American aircraft giants controls over 80 per cent of aircraft operating in Nigeria.

The first aircraft flew into Nigeria from Montreal, Canada via Glasgow, Scotland last week.

The cabin is made up of eight business class and 138-comfort class, in all new leather seats with in-flight entertainment, including air show and screens, for enhanced passenger comfort.

First Nation is currently conducting flight proofing as part of NCAA certification process.

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