Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Brother Amplified Housemates

These are the housemates that are listed on the Big Brother Amplified website as the ones who will go into the house on Sunday 01 May 2011 when the new season of Big Brother Africa is launched.
For now the site only lists their names and what they do, apparently their profiles will be revealed on Sunday. Well, since when do Housemates get revealed before the show starts? I’m not buying this and Weza is a Channel O Presenter and no MNET employees are allowed to enter Big Brother so these people aren’t real housemates. I’ve concluded.

Coca Cola has been announced as one of the show’s sponsors. That should be good news for them, phela I don’t remember a sponsor for the last 2…
Interesting to see a bath tub… wondering if this means Shower hour is now bath hour? eheheh guess we’ll find out.
 IK is back as the host… I think he does a good job so am cool with this.For more information and pictures check out their website or facebook page.
 Few pics of the house

My guess is that these housemates will spend a week and we’ll see the real housemates after… I just hope Big Brother is a man this time. Are you  counting down to Sunday?