Saturday, February 1, 2014

Religion Vs The Kingdom

 By Jeff Turner
"Religion" is not a person, nor a group of persons. It is a system that enslaves the mind and stunts the growth of the inner person.

It discourages critical thinking, the asking of questions, and listening to the Spirit for oneself. It demands uniformity. In order to belong to the system one must look the same, talk the same, think the same, and do the same as other members. To break with the norm is to risk cold shoulders and possibly excommunication.

Religion makes countless demands on your time, energy, finances, etc..., but never so much as tosses a bone in your direction as payment. It takes, and it takes, and it takes, but it knows nothing of giving. It never says "thank you", for your participation, as your services are seen as obligatory.

Consequently, it can do nothing but produce head cases and control freaks, or burn outs and drop outs. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is not something that "religion" is able to contribute to.

In the Kingdom, however, there is a celebration of diversity!

It frees the mind, and increases our capacity for love, life, laughter, and creativity!

The King always encourages us to think, to feel, to ask and to experience! In the Kingdom, you're encouraged to be different. To be unique! You're celebrated when you color outside the lines, and with the brightest crayon in the box, for to break with the norm is to look like the King!

The Kingdom gives, and gives, and gives, with no expectation of being reciprocated. It is not interested in what we can do in return, as it's foundation is self-giving, others-centered love. It appreciates, and honors those who serve, while never pressuring you to "do more" or to "be more". It's culture is so healthy, unforced, and warm that, in time, it naturally causes one to want to serve in every and any way possible. Spiritual, emotional and even physical health are the natural consequences of life in such a realm.

Bottom line: Religion kills, isolates, and creates the very problems that it rails against, while the Kingdom gives life, includes all, and benefits everything it touches.

Which realm are you living in?

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    that's true, jeff is a good friend of mine and caleb am feeling you real good.