Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kim's Fairytale Wedding: Is The Groom Already Over It?

The newest Kardashian, Kris Humphries, is having a hard time settling into the fam. He keeps lashing random insults and getting into Kat fights with all the Kardashian ladies.

1) Kris calls Kim K a "princess":

During Part two of Kim Kardashian's E! channel Wedding Extravaganza (which really wasn't so much a "wedding" extravaganza but rather four hours of Khloe sh-t talking about Kris Humphries while Kim is filmed going to bed in full make-up) Kris gets in Kim's face about her high maintenance behavior.

When the couple was dramatically discussing whether Kim should drop her last name and take her husbands last name of Humphries, Kim finally decided that she wasn't going to take Kris's last name.

Kris, upset, confessed, "I just wish that you would be a little bit more down to earth about the wedding process."

Then Kim decides to offend the state of Minnesota because that's where Kris was raised.

"I live in a different world," she tries to reason, "I was definitely raised in a different world than like ---yeehaw!---Minnesota, and that's fine," says Kim K.

Besides the fact that I don't think they do any "yeehaw"-ing in Minnesota, Kim basically just resents Kris for not growing up the Princess of Calabasas like she did.

However, the fight doesn't end there. Humphries snaps back, "Four years ago you sold clothes in a boutique in the Valley. Now, like all the sudden, you're miss princess!" OOOHHH SNAP! Way to call out the DASH stores!

Kris is referring to Kim's work in retail at her D-A-S-H store in Calabasas, California.

2) Kris questions Khloe's marriage:

In a recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Kris Humphries asked Khloe if her marriage to Lamar Odom was "real" or just for TV. Naturally Khloe was pissed and claims that Kris is using Kim for money/fame etc. He lashed back at Khloe, "Are you sure you're not just using Lamar? He's a Laker...he's got championships. After, are you going to find a tall successful guy to have kids with?"


3) Kris accuses Kim of falling in love too quickly:

In the wedding special he accuses Kim of falling in love with every guy she dates, aka calls her out for being a love-slut.

"You are saying I'm just the fourth or fifth dude for Kim. I've never been married. She's been on that level with every guy she dates,” Kris snaps “Maybe I should question her intentions.”

4) Calls Kourtney boring and immature:

While on vacation in Bora-Bora Kris calls out Kourtney: "Kourtney, just because you have a kid and don't have any fun any more, doesn't mean you're all mature."

Dude, keep you mouth shut and enjoy the pile of gold that your wife brings in everyday

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