Monday, October 17, 2011

Dentist encourages bleaching teeth regularly

An Indian dentist and radiologist, Dr Kamlesh Desai, has urged Nigerians to embrace the habit of bleaching their teeth regularly in order to look good.

Desai in an interview in Abuja on Monday said that the practice had been identified as ‘’the next step in oral care’’.

He said that tooth whitening or bleaching was the common procedure under cosmetic dentistry.

According to him, most people experience yellowing and discoloration of their teeth over time.

“As people age, their teeth often darkens when their enamel which is the visible dental layer of a tooth becomes less permeable and losses its brilliance.

“This is due to changes in the mineral structure of their teeth as well as stains from bacterial pigments in foodstuff such as coffee, wine, soda and tobacco.”

The dentist said that discoloration still occurred even in people who brush and flush their teeth constantly on daily basis.

Desai said that there were many home teeth whitening products in the market but the ones produced by dentists gave the best results.

He said that in developing countries the practice of teeth bleaching was speedily being embraced by public figures.

“Bleaching will generally be restricted to those people in the slightly higher socio economic strata and to those people who are very conscious of their looks.

“You have a segment of people in your country who will be interested in looking nice, the young ladies, the young men, the film people who want to act in movies, TV anchors who are in the business of looking good.

“That is the segment that bleaching will addressed at this point in time in your country.”

He expressed optimism that more Nigerians, especially celebrities, would soon embrace the practise in order to look good.

He noted that although Nigeria had other pressing issues than teeth whitening, there was no harm in people wanting to look good.

“Most obviously in a country that has other diseases and conditions to address your problem is going to be to address that first.

‘’But I think over a period of time as things change and other diseases come under control, whether it is AIDS or dental decay or prenatal diseases, people will slip naturally into wanting whiter teeth. When you can afford your basics the next thing you want to do is look good.”

Desai, an Indian dentist, is in Nigeria to present his research outcome on advanced teeth whitening techniques at the 2011 conference for the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).  (NAN)


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