Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Go Camping to Save Marriage

And they didn’t even take Ashton’s giant Two and a Half Men trailer.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spent the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur camping in Santa Barbara, California. Apparently, they’re turning to Kaballah to save their marriage. I knew there was more to that religion than those cute little red bracelets.

Ashton and Demi were first spotted together as they attended a Yom Kippur service together on Friday in Los Angeles. The camping trip, however, is the first time these two have been photographed with each other since reports surfaced that he cheated on Demi with a hot tub bimbo in San Diego.

The couple was camping with Kabbalah instructor Yehuda Berg, as well as Kutcher’s brother, Eric Buterbaugh. Most awkward camping trip ever.

KABBALAH INSTRUCTOR: So uh, you guys want to roast some marshmallows?

DEMI: Sure, if Ashton is done having sex with all of them.

ASHTON: I’m going to look for wood.

DEMI: Yeah? Why don’t you check that hot tub, there was definitely some in there.

The photographs of the group were taken by nearby campers. And a source told RadarOnline:

“Demi was screaming ‘Please don't take photos of me or my family. Please don't expose this.’ Once she knew she had been photographed, she whistled at Ashton and gestured for him to hurry into the tent.” "It was obvious," added the source, "that Demi was showing the strain about the state of her marriage."

Right, I’m sure her “strain” had nothing to do with the fact that she can't even sit in the middle of nowhere without some loser taking her picture, and then an even bigger loser writing about it the Monday after. Oh, wait.

According to Radar, the couple took the Cachuma Lake camping trip as a “last ditch attempt to resurrect a faltering union.”

So it sounds like this is similar to Brad and Jen’s island trip back in 2005. If history is any indication, by 2017, Ashton will have six kids and Demi will be dating Justin Theroux. Doesn’t sound so bad in perspective, does it?

Before all this split talk, Ashton hinted the couple might be headed for dark times. When Conan O’Brien asked about his humongous Two and a Half Men trailer that sits on the Warner Bros. lot, Ashton said: “It was like this little trailer [I was given] and I have a business that I run in the day when I’m not shooting stuff."

“If I ever have a fight with Demi, I’m staying in the trailer,” Ashton laughed. And then sh-t hit the fan.

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