Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant

Those oversized, flowy tops she’s been wearing might not have just been a fashion statement.

Jessica Simpson pregnancy rumors have been circulating for a while now, especially since she announced her engagement to Eric Johnson. Well, according to InTouch, Simpson is indeed pregnant and she’s about to announce the news. A source close to the couple tells the mag:

“She’s already having kooky cravings!” the friend reveals, adding that she’s enjoying nacho chips dipped in chocolate because they “satisfy her urge for salty and sweet.”

God, pregnancy sounds bizarre. She’s also enjoying cheese flavored popcorn and margaritas—non alcoholic, of course. Fetuses really can’t handle their tequila.

But the couple’s plan to tie the knot this November is reportedly still in the works. Sure, “Jessica might have to take out her dress a bit,” but the walk down the aisle is still happening.

According to the pal, Jessica and Eric consider the baby to be “the best wedding gift ever.” Also, Simpson won’t be due until next spring, which gives them at least some honeymoon time. But it’s just not the same when you’re vomiting in the morning.

Still, we’re sure Jessica and Eric will find a way to enjoy their time as newlyweds before the baby gets here.

Earlier this year, rumors started up that Jessica was expecting her first child, and the singer/fashion designer denied it. She did, however, say: "I definitely see myself having a family with Eric, so that’s exciting to think about."

In July, photogs noticed a bit of a bump when Jessica wore a skin tight dress. Still, her spokesperson insisted: “She is not pregnant.”

And actually, the pregnancy rumors go back even further than that. When Simpson put on a little weight back in 2009, some couldn’t stomach the fact that a woman might gain a few pounds so they thought she must be pregnant. Turns out, of course, she wasn’t. And who would wear high waist jeans and a tight black tank top while they’re pregnant, anyway?

But on Monday, Jessica was seen in Mexico wearing a very loose-fitting animal print top. And come on, there’s no reason to look like a big ol’ leopard unless you’re hiding something in there. Jessica was vacationing with her family and Tweeted a photo of herself with Eric above the caption: “Leaving family vacation.”

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