Friday, September 30, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Buys $18 Million Hamptons Mansion

Breakups are tough. You lie in bed for weeks, eating ice cream, looking at old photos, buying $18 million mansions in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the United States. Wait, what?

Yeah, Jennifer Lopez is moving on. She actually makes me want to get married just so I can get a divorce and have as much fun as she's having; God forbid. J.Lo recently purchased a 14,000 square foot property in the Water Mill neighborhood in the Hamptons.

The home has seven bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. It was built in 2010, sits on two acres and is surrounded by water.

And get this—the master bathroom has heated marble floors. As if having a heater isn't enough. This is a home that basically makes sure every part of your body is 100% comfortable at all times.

So what else we got? A ton of walk-in closets, a library, seven fireplaces, a media room, and a dock on Mecox Bay. And a pool and pool house, of course. Five of the fireplaces are inside, and two are outside. The first floor has a guest suite that has an elevator. An ELEVATOR.

J.Lo is currently shooting a movie in Palm Beach, Florida, so she hasn't had time to move in just yet. A source tells Us Weekly that she'll be "moving in a few months," along with twins Max and Emme.

J.Lo's been enjoying time in the Hamptons since her separation from Marc Anthony. After the couple announced their split, Lopez spent some time there with her ex on Sagg Main Beach.

So who's going to be calling the cops when Lopez is inevitably partying until the wee hours of dawn? Rudy Guliani, for one. The former Mayor of New York City also has a nice pad in the same area of the Hamptons.

The Hitlons also have a home there, though they don't live in it, and recently attempted to lease it for the summer at $400,000. Apparently, it's in really bad condition, as a source told Vanity Fair:

"Everything in it is moldy and filthy. Most of the screens on the windows are broken. Their dogs are obviously not house-trained. But they don't see it."

So I guess not every home in the Hamptons is in perfect condition. But J.Lo's new place certainly is. Nice divorce present.

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