Friday, August 5, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Not Locked In For Gotti Role

Turns out that while they've been in "talks", Lindsay Lohan isn't set to play anything in the upcoming John Gotti biopic. According to producers:

"The producers of the film and Lindsay's representation have not yet worked out an agreement for her to appear in the movie."

I guess those "talks" were the producers smiling and nodding while Dina Lohan yelled, My baby's gonna be in this movie, goddammit!.

But then again, no one has inked a deal. Al Pacino and Kelly Preston are rumored to be a part of it, but they have yet to officially sign anything.

Another problem the film is having is that Joe Pesci has quit and filed a lawsuit against them. Apparently he's claiming Fiore Films, the movie's production company, offered him a lesser role for less money than they told him in the beginning. So he's suiting for $3 million, though CEO Mark Fiore says Pesci never had a written contract.

It's getting to the point that the only way this movie is going to happen is if the actual mob pulls some strings and threatens to break some kneecaps

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