Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet Mrs Jamie Hince: Kate Moss Covers Vogue UK‎

In all honesty, it would take a lot for me to get sick of this girl. Kate gets all 40s and vampy on the Vogue UK cover image shot by Mario Testino, Kate's wedding photog, above the heading "Meet Mrs. Jamie Hince." So cute. I'm sure most brides expect to be announced on the cover of Vogue as opposed to, you know, their local newspaper.

Then again, Kate obviously isn't most brides. The super reportedly left her wedding by helicopter, according to Vogue UK, wearing a white Stella McCartney suit and a radiant smile. After some complaints by local Cotswolds residents over the course of the epic wedding weekend, the classy newlyweds reportedly sent a bottle of Champagne to each of their homes, accompanied by a note which read: "Thank you for all your patience and understanding! Lots of love, Jamie and Kate."

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