Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Khloe Planning to Embarrass Kim Kardashian With Penises

Khloe Kardashian is planning a bachelorette party for Kim, and she plans to " go all out and embarrass her."

"My bachelorette party was very embarrassing [with] ... penis straws [and] everything penis-themed," Khloe said.

I've never understood why we gals love going penis for bachelor parties. I guess it's because you're only going to see the same one for the rest of your life, but genitals aren't the most attractive things in the world, so I don’t really get it. I've never seen a dude throw a bachelor party with a giant chocolate vagina cake.

Khloe is Kim's maid-of-honor and says, "it's just fun" to embarrass the subject at her bachelorette party. She's been helping her older sis pick out wedding dresses, and the two were spotted with Kourtney at Vera Wang in NYC.

"Kim knows what she wants. She's someone, though, who'll put us in cute dresses," Khloé said. "She's not going to put us in something ugly to make herself look better Рtrust me."

One of Kim's friends recently revealed some dress details to OK! Magazine saying,

"She wants it to be a little bit of high fashion, but also timeless, classic and classy. It will be ivory, and most of the detailing will just be stitch work or beading.

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