Friday, July 8, 2011

Jessica Simpson Debuts Fancy New Fragrance

Oh you fancy huh? Jessica Simpson released her new fragrance “I Fancy You,” as the fourth and final fragrance in her Fancy Collection.

The other fragrances in the collection include: Fancy Nights, Fancy Love and Fancy.

The perfume aims to capture the essence of falling in love, “This floral scent is romantic and feminine and conjures up the feelings of a first love that makes you realize that love can last forever,” Simpson says in a statement.

Oi. “Love can last forever,” did she forget about Nick Lachey? False advertising.

Nonetheless, the fragrance is a soft, velvety floral musk with hints of pear, apple and orange and the perfumes bottle mimics a vintage fragrance bottle and is covered in tiny hearts, going with the romance theme. Arguably, this fragrance should be better than when she had that edible fragrance line.

The former country-pop singer has lately been venturing in stamping her name on clothing, shoe and fragrance lines. She plans to team up with sister Ashlee to “design” a tween clothing line.

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