Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shakira turns pole-dancer for new music video

Singer Shakira does the splits in a string bikini in her new music video.
The Colombian songstress plays a pole-dancer in the video for her racy dance track Rabiosa.

In one clip, she struts down a club staircase in a string bikini and stilettos, before performing a raunchy pole dance.

The 34-year-old star enlisted the vocals of Pitbull on the English version of the single and also worked with Dominican artist El Cata on the Spanish version of the song, which is from her album Sale El Sol/The Sun Comes Out.

Shakira recently hit a social media milestone after gaining 30 million friends on Facebook, putting her among the top five celebrities with the most friends on the social-networking site. She also topped six million followers on Twitter.

She is currently performing her new album in Europe as part of her world tour.

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