Monday, June 6, 2011

Paris Fires Back At View Producers AND Cancels Upcoming Press Events

Paris Hilton was reportedly so furious at a too-tough grilling on a TV chat show she threw a screaming fit backstage.

Paris was joined by mum Kathy as she appeared on TV's The View, usually a soft interview show best known for massaging the egos of its guests.

But the celebrity socialite looked shell-shocked throughout as she was quizzed about how fluffy and frivolous her show is - and reportedly flipped out as soon as she was off air.

'Hilton was so distraught she screamed at a producer backstage,' claimed celebrity column Page Six, insisting the incident was confirmed by a spokesman for the show. 'Both Paris and her father, Rick, berated a View producer, upset at the tone of the interview.

'Hours later, Hilton abruptly cancelled a lunch with several magazine editors and an interview.'

Paris's team claimed 'she was sick, losing her voice and didn't want to infect others', according to Page Six - which insists she actually 'threw herself into a long round of partying with sister, Nicky' that lasted until at least 3am.

A spokesperson for the View said: 'We're sorry Paris felt she had to cancel some interviews.'

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