Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Has a Wardrobe Malfunction on TV

Jennifer Lopez appears to be the latest celebrity to suffer a wardrobe malfunction.

The 41-year-old star reportedly flashed a crowd of thousands while filming the German variety show "Wetten Das?" on Saturday in Spain.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, the "American Idol" judge walked onto the outdoor set in Mallorca to greet host Thomas Gottschalk when a wind gust blew up her skirt. She reached down to keep the skirt in place and her top shifted, giving the crowd a view of her chest.

Lopez, the mother of twins, was on the long-running show, one of the most popular in Europe, to promote her new album, "Love?"

Back at home, the singer-actress is keeping fans guessing about whether she'll return for a second season on the "American Idol" judges' panel. She has said she hasn't yet made up her mind.
The uncensored picture after the jump(You must be 18+ to view)


  1. J Lo!!! Couldn't she put on a bra? These American stars are too daring and most times it is just prayers that keeps them from exposing their most intimate parts. She should drop most of these high-flying fashion as she is now a mother. I hope she has learnt her lesson.

  2. I have noticed that lots of Celebs don't wear bras again. But why????

  3. You called them celebrities and not royalties. Most of them are ill-trained and even after attaining the social status, are not aware of grace, decorum and manner. This is the reason why a lady would walk out of her house without her undergarment. A proper lady would never do that!!! What most of them need is training in the social graces of the high society, but the society which they find themselves in make them feel it is unnecessary. Meanwhile, that is the bedrock of being a true lady.