Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gordon Ramsay eats sushi off naked woman

Gordon Ramsay got more than he bargained for as he ate sushi off a naked woman's body in the US version of MaterChef.

Ramsay, 44, and his fellow judges were stunned when one contestant brought out his wife, who proceeded to strip off in front of them.

She then jumped up on a table while her husband arranged raw fish on her body.

'This is not the kind of place I want to find a hair in my food,' Ramsay joked as they ate sushi from the squirming girl.

But the stunt was not enough to secure a place in the next round of the competition.

Ramsay saw more flesh when Mississippi trucker, Albert, dropped his trousers and mooned the panel of judges to show them a tattoo of the devil.

Albert then cooked up alligator gumbo, which was enough to send him through to cook again.

'Holy crap, I think it is the first time he has been out of a tree for a year,' Ramsay joked.

Ramsay was given a taste of home when Pauline, a 51-year-old originally from Glasgow, served him haggis and salmon en croute.

The dish was a hit with Ramsay and he sent Pauline, who now lives in Calabasas, California, through to the next round.

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