Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion: Alice Temperley Finds Lack Of Style 'Sad'

Alice Temperley finds it "really sad" that young people no longer have a style of their own.

The designer - who created Pippa Middleton's green evening gown for sister Catherine's evening wedding reception in April - says youngsters are trying too hard to look like celebrities instead of getting a look that's unique to them.

Alice, 35, said: "British women of my age group are so good at being diverse and mixing up lots of different looks. Unfortunately, the younger generation model themselves on celebrities, which is awful, because all you see are highlights, tight jeans and high heels. It's all t*ts and lips. That's really sad."

Alice also admits it's harder for new up-and-coming designers to get their break because there are so many celebrities with their own fashion line.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "With celebrity being our new religion , it's increasingly difficult to set up on your own. Talented designers are more likely to work for celebrity brands or huge fashion house than ever before."

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