Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz married secretly

Daniel Craig has just pulled off the unthinkable. In a covert operation James Bond would have been proud of, the actor somehow married a beautiful woman and star in her own right without any member of the media finding out for more than three days. To give you some perspective, that's like keeping a marriage under wraps for a month and a half before the internet was invented or five years before Morse Code was operational. No doubt, it would have been impossible for most celebrities, but doubting Daniel Craig is always a recipe for failure.

The forty-three year old actor and his girlfriend, forty-one year old actress and Darren Aronofsky ex Rachel Weisz said yes in front of just four people during a small ceremony in the Big Apple on Wednesday. Among the honored guests were his eighteen year old daughter Ella, her four year old son Henry and two as of yet unidentified friends.

According to, the couple, who have been together since last fall, have officially confirmed the wedding did take place, but as of press time, they have not released any official statement. Even if they end up doing so, don't expect some lavish and detailed press release. As of late last year, Craig and Weisz were still publically denying even the existence of their relationship.

We here at SU2C9ja would like to send out a hearty congratulations to the happy pair. May their romance end up a little closer to Paul Newman/ Joanne Woodward rather than Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz.

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