Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheryl Cole Told To Apply For US Visa As X-Factor Drama Continues

British singer Cheryl Cole reportedly has to go to the US embassy in London to apply for a visa to be paid for her work on the US version of X Factor.

Her producers Fremantle are said to be trying to avoid paying the 27-year-old, who was axed from the talent competition after recording just four shows, the £1.2 million she was due to receive and are saying she has to go to the US embassy in London to apply for a visa.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter: 'They don't want to pay her. It's a chess match.'

According to the insider, Geordie Cole wants to be paid for her work out of principle because she had moved to Los Angeles for the job.

The Promise This singer is allegedly going to apply for the visa so she can appear as a judge on the final edit of the talent competition.

The report also suggests that Cheryl's team believe that music mogul Simon Cowell was behind her dismissal as, 'he thinks he can move people around like chess pieces.'

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