Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bob Katter's new party is a greater threat to Newman than Bligh

Independent MP Bob Katter
In fact, when the former Nationals' minister was asked last week about being a threat to the Liberal National Party, Katter let out one of his high-pitched chuckles.

"I hope that keeps the ALP warm at night," he said.

But his new outfit is likely to cause more problems for Campbell Newman at the next poll than Anna Bligh.

While voter disregard for major parties is high, Katter's best chance is in the regions where his former Nationals supporters reside.

And the best route is wooing disgruntled LNP MPs like Vaughan Johnson (Gregory), Shane Knuth (Dalrymple), Howard Hobbs (Warrego) and Alex Douglas (Gaven).

You can even add Nats-turned-crossbenchers Aidan McLindon (Beaudesert) and Rob Messenger (Burnett).

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The LNP group have been demoted or left on the backbench under the urbane Newman and "most hated man in the bush" Jeff Seeney and face little, if any, chance of promotion.

Whether Brisbane's outer suburbs, which Katter says he can win over, will vote for the fast-talking man in the hat is unlikely.

If they rejected Lawrence Springborg three times, would they now pick Katter?

Either way, with a former Brisbane mayor already running for premier from outside Parliament, this next poll is now all the more interesting.

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