Sunday, June 5, 2011

Athletic Pippa Middleton sticks with shy cricketer

While her sister Kate was busy being boujis, Pippa Middleton was getting all sweaty.

Pippa, the hot younger sister of Kate Middleton participated in a Triathlon on Saturday in Woodstock, England.

Yes, she definitely gets more points! This girl should just do a line up at this point of the men she wants to choose to date. We all know there’s a line really long and it just keeps growing.

Wonder if the topless guy she collided with during the triathlon is in the “Pippa” line?

Now we know why Pippa’s body has been looking exceptionally well in the recent months. The girl has been training for a triathlon!

Pippa recently revealed that she does weekly Pilates sessions as well as swimming, tennis and jogging.

Do you guys agree that Pippa is the luckiest girl in the world? She doesn’t have the pressure of being a princess, but has all the perks.

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