Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Abuja "One Chance" Robbers Meet Waterloo

It was a bad day for three yet to be identified young men who met their waterloo this morning in Abuja as they were nabbed following an attempt to rob a middle aged woman of her money.

The incident happened  along the Mabushi flyover within the Abuja metropolis.

According to eye witness account, the three young men were operating an Abuja painted taxi with which they lure unsuspecting commuters and dispossess them of their valuables.

They are popularly referred to as “one chance” robbers.

They allegedly snatched the woman’s bag said to contain  N90,000 and pushed her out of the cab before a motorist blocked their way atop the Mabushi flyover.
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The suspects were beaten up by a mob that had been attracted to the scene.
Policemen who attempted to rescue them were rebuffed by the angry mob who descended on the thieves with any objects they laid hands upon.

The driver of the taxi was instantly hit with a car jack and he passed out instantly while the two members of the gang who were responsible for robbing their victims were thrown down from the flyover onto the Berger express way causing a huge traffic chaos around the Mabushi District.

The angry mob followed the thieves down the flyover and continued beating them.

Four armed Mobile Policemen also called MOPOL who arrived the scene saved the lives of the thieves as the Mopol men threatened to shoot anybody who touches them again and quickly whisked them away.

Men of Nigeria Police took away the taxi driver who was still unconscious as at the time he was taken off the scene.

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