Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taylor Swift Selling Tickets to Rehearsal, Donating Money to Tornado Victims

Taylor Swift is opening the doors for her dress rehearsal to help those devastated by the tornadoes that touched down in the South. The 21-year-old country singer is selling 13,000 tickets for fans to come see her last dress rehearsal for her ‘Speak Now’ tour. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards those that lost homes, family, and friends in the recent disaster that killed 329 people and leveled entire communities.

Taylor says:

“I was watching the coverage of the tornadoes backstage at rehearsals, and I wanted to do something for the families affected by the damage. I’ve never opened a rehearsal to the public before, but I felt that inviting my fans to the last rehearsal for the ‘Speak Now’ tour would be a great way to raise money.”

 “We will probably still be doing some fine-tuning to the show that night, since this will be a true rehearsal, but I feel like it is so important for me and my fans to help if we can.

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