Saturday, May 14, 2011

SSS, Police brutalize Journalist in Enugu

A combined force of the State security Service (SSS) and the Nigeria Police stationed at the Enugu office of the Independent National Electoral commission (INEC), yesterday, dehumanized the Enugu correspondent of the Independent Newspaper, Mr. Emmanuel Nzomiwu, by brutalizing him for no justifiable reason.

Nzomiwu among other newsmen had gathered at the INEC office where Governor Sullivan Chime was issued with a certificate of return as governor-elect of Enugu state and the journalists were making way into the conference hall of INEC when the security agents attached to the place stopped some journalists with the excuse that the venue was filled up and would no more accommodate any other journalists.

The journalists took time to explain to the security operatives that they were invited for the function and that each media house would need to cover the event but the security agents insisted that the journalists already inside should represent every other media.

The argument attracted the attention of Governor Chime’s media assistants, Dan Nwome and Chukwudi Achife who pleaded with the security operatives to allow more journalists into the venue, but the plea fell on deaf ears of the security operatives.

In the mist of the frustration, the journalists and the security operatives engaged in arguments that before a twinkle of an eye the operative descended of Mr. Nzomiwu with every available weapon they had, matched on ground several times, batted him, rained him with blows, tour his clothes into shreds, reduced him no nothingness and bundled him out of the venue

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  1. thats ridiculous. i hope something will be done (though i doubt it) about that situation.