Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sean Kingston's Female Jet Ski Passenger Speaks Out

Sean Kingston's passenger, Cassandra Sanchez, is speaking out about the pair's reckless jet ski romp turned serious hospital stay. Sanchez, who is Kingston's longtime friend, recalls begging the singer to slow down before the pair crashed into the Palm Island bridge in Miami.

"Both jet skis pulled out of the dock at the same time and we were going so fast we just blasted past them," Sanchez told TMZ. "When we turned a corner and crashed ... they were so far behind us they didn't even see us crash."

As the pair were approaching the bridge Sanchez recalls they were traveling "really fast."

"We can't fit under there," Sanchez remembers she screamed at Kingston before the collision. "Are we going to try and go under there? Sean stop!"

Although Sanchez believes that Kingston did attempt to steer clear of the bridge before the crash, the jet ski was traveling too fast to properly react to the water block and Kingston lost control of the vehicle.

Sanchez blacked out immediately after the crash but remembers waking up in pain and watching Kingston cough up blood, foam and "pink stuff" before mumbling the words, "I'm hurting. I'm hurting."

Although Sanchez only suffered minor injuries -- a sore jaw and ribs -- Kingston is still in a Miami hospital in stable condition where doctors believe he will be recovering for the next several weeks.

"They have a tube down his throat so he can't really talk, but he is lucid and understands what's going on," Sanchez said.

Although alcohol is said not to have been involved in the incident, authorities are launching an investigation into the cause of the crash.

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