Monday, May 16, 2011

Rihanna Reconnects With Chris Brown

It's safe to say Rihanna and Chris Brown don't share fans. Rihanna's fans went nuts on her over the weekend when she started following her ex on Twitter. And I mean nuts!

RiRi's followers started tweeting her nasty things after she started following Chris, who famously beat her and left her bloody and bruised two years ago.

After one fan asked if she was back with her former boyfriend Rihanna snapped: “its fu**in twitter, not the altar! (sic)”

After the admirer became upset she quickly apologized, explaining that she wanted to make it clear to all her followers that she was not back in a relationship with Chris.

She wrote: "babygirl I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt or offend u! Just needed to make it clear to the Navy! I still Stan for u xoxo. (sic)"

It's hilarious what a big deal people make out of celebrities following people. I follow and unfollow people all the time, so I'm sure celebs do it too. It's not like she's physically following Chris around people.

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