Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Piers Morgan slams `tedious little man` Hugh Grant

Talk show host Piers Morgan has blasted Hugh Grant and publicly banned him from his programme Piers Morgan Tonight.

The 46-year-old CNN host tweeted yesterday: 'Hugh Grant is now banned, in perpetuity, from @PiersTonight and Life Stories. And anything else I ever do. Tedious little man.'

The former editor of British newspaper the News of the World made the comments after an interview Hugh, 50, did with BBC Radio host Richard Bacon yesterday about phone hacking.

The Notting Hill star, who himself has had his phone hacked, discussed his dislike for the tabloid press.

Morgan apparently didn't like the actor's comments, adding: 'Listening to Bishop Hugh Grant telling @richardpbacon he wants popular newspapers eradicated. I feel the same about his crap movies.'

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