Friday, May 20, 2011

Maria Shriver Hires Top Divorce Attorney

Maria Shriver has had one hell of a week. She’s had to hear new details about her cheating husband every single day, and I’m sure each new story stings just as bad as the last.

Arnold and Maria originally announced that they’re separating and didn’t mention anything about a divorce, but Maria has gone ahead and hired one of the most powerful divorce lawyers in Los Angeles—Laura Wasser.

"Maria hasn't decided yet if she wants to end her marriage," says one source. Wasser was hired before the news of the affair went public, sources tell People magazine.

Maria isn't Wasser's first famous client, she has worked with Angelina Jolie, Stevie Wonder, Nick Lachey and Britney Spears.

Just yesterday the identity of the housekeeper was made public and we learned that Maria and the housekeeper Patty were pregnant at the same time. They actually gave birth just a week apart!

No word on when Maria plans on filing for divorce, but I would be shocked if she decided against it.

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