Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lauren Alaina Loses Voice Hours Before 'Idol' Finale

I think this is God’s way of saying enough is enough with this show. Lauren Alaina, one of the two American Idol finalists, lost her voice hours before the show.

Show insiders told that during rehearsal this afternoon, Lauren was supposed to sing three songs. She’s apparently been losing her voice, and while she got through the first song, she struggled with the second and flat out couldn’t perform the third.

The doctor on set that was helping Lauren said that she was trying to sing to the maximum and blew out a vocal cord. That didn't stop Lauren from hitting the stage. She got up there like the champ she is and told Ryan Seacrest, "I'm here, I'm ready to sing, I'm fine!" If Lauren was unable to perform, producers would try to get Haley to compete against Scotty McCreery.

Alaina recently said she has dreamed of becoming the next American Idol since she was six:“I was six years old standing in my living room and I would scream into the remote control that I was going to win.”

Well, no wonder she lost her voice, she's been screaming for ten years. Lauren added that, even if she loses, she’ll “still be a winner because [Scotty] is the bomb.”

One can only imagine how the possibility of Lauren losing her voice will affect the outcome of American Idol.

Oh right, another mainstream pop star will record a bunch of mediocre albums for the next ten years. Mystery solved.

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