Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lady Gaga Ends Relationship With Luc Carl

Lady Gaga has reportedly been dating the musician since 2005 but they split in 2010 after she reached the pinnacle of her fame. The couple rekindled their romance in 2010 but have finally decided to call it a day.

Speaking on Britain's Graham Norton show, Lady Gaga confirmed that she is now single, saying, "No, I don't have a boyfriend and haven't been on any dates recently".

On 9th May 2011, Gaga fuelled speculation that she was single by tweeting,

"I need a man who thinks it right when it's so wrong, right on the limits where we know we both belong".

When pushed by Norton as to why she hadn't been on many dates, Gaga said, "I haven't been on any dates recently because I have been working so hard and I get very bored very quickly with men".

Despite the couple's on-off relationship, Gaga still credits the drummer for helping her become "successful" in the music industry, telling Rolling Stone last year, "I've really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him.

That relationship really shaped me. I sort of resolved that if you can't have the guy of your dreams, there are other ways to give".

Lady Gaga will release her hugely anticipated second studio album 'Born This Way' on 23rd May 2011

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