Monday, May 30, 2011

Kathy Griffin`s home has an entire room devoted to shoes

Comedian Kathy Griffin has a whole room devoted to shoes in her California mansion.

“Get ready ladies, this one is for you,” exclaimed Griffin as she showed off her home on US interior design show My Favorite Place.

“Welcome to my shoe wall, or as I call it Neiman Marcus/Barneys/Saks Fifth Avenue,” she said, listing her favourite New York shops.

“Believe it or not I am not a big shopper but because I go to red carpet stuff all the time and I live for that stuff I have an extravagant stylist who forces me, almost at gunpoint, to buy fancy shoes.”

The actress lives in a 7,300 square foot two-storey house - which boasts an indoor pond, polished white walls and floors, and wall-to-wall windows that reveal views of the Hollywood hills.

“The theme is ‘I’m a gay man going through a mid-life crisis',” said the Suddenly Susan star, 50.

“And I wanted a mid-century, Palm Springs getaway home… and I want to invite a guy over for the night but I don’t want him to stay,” joked Griffin.

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