Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kate Hudson on cover of Australian magazine Cleo

Kate Hudson has appeared in pink on the cover of Cleo Australia and told the mag she would sing an Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight song if she ever appeared on Glee.

The pregnant star, engaged to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, also revealed she was into astrology.

But talking about her Glee choices, Kate said, 'I think I'd want to do a great r'n'b-type song, like an Aretha Franklin or Gladys Knight kind of soul thing.'

Bafflingly, referring to astrology, the 32-year-old added, 'I loved turning 30.

'I was so happy because I was out of my Saturn Return.

'When you're 27, 28, it's difficult in Saturn retrograde, but the day I turned 30, I felt like, wow, I'm really out of my weird Saturn Return.'

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