Monday, May 2, 2011

Jessica Simpson Postpones Wedding

Jessica Simpson became a victim of relationship 15 (where you gain 15 pounds thanks to late night dinners with your S.O.) before she even started fiancĂ© Eric Johnson. But with her wedding fast approaching, she’s determined to lose weight—or postpone the wedding.

She’s already lost 20 pounds, is on a strict diet and working out 4 times a week, but she’s still not comfortable being in a wedding dress. So what’s a girl to do? Postpone, postpone, postpone!

Jess and Eric were hoping for an early summer wedding, but decided to postpone the date until they both drop some weight.

“Jess and Eric are happier than ever and enjoying a little too much of the good life,” explained an insider. “They were hoping for an early summer wedding, but pushed it back so they both have a chance to shed extra pounds.”

And wedding dress shopping is on hold too until she slims down. She just confessed to MTV, “I haven’t picked out the dress. That’s stressful for me….it has to be seasonal, so I have to really figure out the date and I kind of have so now it’s full force, full force wedding dress mode.”

20 pounds down, 20 more to go? How much more weight do you think Jess should drop? She’s already starting to look pretty fabulous!

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