Thursday, May 26, 2011

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown aka Mel B duped by Twitter fraudster

Mel B has been duped by a Twitter fraudster posing as her former Spice Girls bandmate Geri Halliwell.

The 35-year-old British singer was happily chatting to a user called GeriHalliwell1 on the social networking site, thinking that it was Geri herself, and even agreed to another tour with the girl group.

She replied, 'Whoop whoop hands up for another spice tour!!!!! Count me in.

'Hope the other girls say yes, to Spice touring again, to perform Spice songs again would be amazing, Spice fans here we come, fingers crossed.'

The account was later suspended when it turned out to be a fake, but the pregnant Australian X Factor judge took it well, joking, 'Ahhhh shoot... I nearly had my leopard print catsuit on!'

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