Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fashion: Victoria Beckham Picks Alice Greczyn as Face of Her Fashion Label

Victoria Beckham might be preggers, but that’s not stopping her from working on her fashion label.

Vicky B has chosen Alice Greczyn as the new face of her denim and sunglasses Spring/summer 2011 range.

Alice got really lucky when she attended a Malibu beach party,where she met Victoria Beckham. She should send the person that invited her to that bbq a nice basket because she’s going to make a lot of money thanks to that person.

Not too familiar with Alice Greczyn? Here are some deets on the model turned actress.

-She’s a California girl. She was born in Walnut Creek, Ca and currently lives in Hollywood.

- Alice starred in Make It or Break It as a model struggling with anorexia. She wouldn’t admit if she were actually anorexic.

- Her passions include cooking and exploring other cultures.

- She’s been acting since 2004, but this gig might be her breakthrough role.

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