Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion: Kate Middleton's Tan Dress Sells Out, Crashes Site

Want to dress like the Duchess? Well, you can’t.

Royal fans crash the dress designers website trying to buy Kate Middleton’s style.

Duchess Catherine met with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle at Buckingham Palace where Kate wore a beige, form fitting Reiss dress that sent droves of fashionistas to the Reiss website.

The website crashed twice and now the dress is completely sold out online. Crashed the website!? Wow, that only happens in movies about spies or “The Social Network.”

How can we still get this wrap dress? Spokesman for Reiss said, "At this time there are no plans to reissue the Reiss Shola Dress." Boooo.

The only way you can steal the Duchesses style is to race to one of three London Reiss stores that still have the dress in stock. Tomorrows headline: Crazed fashion fans get into girlfight outside London dress shop.

After the Royal wedding, many dress designers were attempting to imitate the bride’s style by creating knock-off versions of her long sleeved Chantilly lace wedding dress. Commoners everywhere could achieve their own version of the royal wedding on a budget.

The public is consumed with Kate’s fashion sense, she’s fast becoming a style icon. However, I might cringe if I find out Shoprite has a new line called “The Duchess Collection.” Ohh the horror of 100% cotton!

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