Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eva Mendes: `Marriage isn`t for me`

Actress Eva Mendes is 'crazy for romance' but admits marriage isn't for her.

The Other Guys star has been dating filmmaker George Augusto since 2002, but has revealed she doesn't believe in the institution of marriage.

Mendes said: 'People are getting married and then divorced. The divorce rate is astronomical. I feel like I'm the kind of person who appreciates more of a private union, one that doesn't need a piece of paper.'

The 37 year-old added to British Look magazine: 'I'm not against marriage. It's just not for me, it seems a little old-fashioned. But I'm completely pro-union.

'I think that the most beautiful thing in the world is to have your soulmate, to have that spiritual connection and to honour that. In truth, you don't get any more romantic than I do….I'm crazy for romance.'

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